Rick Morrison

Rick Morrison

Author and Conscious Dad Advocate


Rick Morrison’s approach to life can be summed up in one word: Service. Being of service to Rick is an integral part of his journey toward finding fulfillment. Although most people in our world focus on getting love, fulfillment occurs from giving love.  The loving behavior that naturally flows from an open heart makes any activity an opportunity to be of service whether at home or at work and Rick seems to do that naturally.

As new author of his first children’s book entitled, The Hug Store, Rick widened this sphere of service to include families, children and fathers everywhere. The Hug Store book was inspired by a true story of a 5 year old girl (Rick’s daughter Shana) who, when asked for a hug from her Grandfather, told him that she ‘was all out of hugs and had to go to the store to get more’! It’s a beautiful story of self-discovery that illustrates how life’s greatest gifts can never be bought, and are instead, always found deep within us. The Hug Store is endorsed by several nationally recognized health care professionals and features a list of over a dozen reasons why hugs are not only healthy for our body, mind and well-being, but why they are essential for it.

In addition to blogging, public speaking and facilitating hugging playshops in and around the Los Angeles area, Rick has appeared on a variety of talk, radio and TV shows to promote his vision of conscious parenting and ultimately promoting world peace, one hug at a time. You can purchase his book by clicking here. 

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