Allison Biggar

Publisher, & Filmmaker


Allison Biggar is a filmmaker and video producer hailing from Chapel Hill, NC. After graduating from UNCW Film School in 2004, Allison moved to California to pursue her career in film. Through her work as a documentary filmmaker, Allison is a strong activist for instigating social change through media empowerment.

Author/Filmmaker Allison Biggar is dedicated to raising awareness of natural cures, prevention and nutrition, as well as sharing valuable, insightful articles and inspiring true stories about natural healing from many of the most serious ailments facing our world. After losing both her parents to cancer at a young age, Allison became a passionate advocate of holistic healing. As she explored the role of nutrition and diet in illness, she learned that every disease is curable by natural methods. To learn more visit

Allison is highly involved with the wellness field as a filmmaker who documents how people are able to change their health through nutrition. She is currently in pre-production on a natural health documentary dedicated to empowering viewers to cure themselves of disease using natural methods.

Allison recently authored “The Vitality Diet” chronicling her journey into health and wellness. This informative, reader-friendly diet book to changing your diet is jam-packed with knowledge, secrets, stories and answers that will motivate you like no other diet book has. Author Allison Biggar offers a heartrending first-hand account of a personal transformation that will make you think differently about your health and your relationship to food. Whether you are seeking to recover holistically from a serious disease, or just looking to shed a few pounds, The Vitality Diet is an invaluable blueprint for constructing a brand new lifestyle based on eating right and becoming whole again.