Brian David Hardin

Brian David Hardin

Conscious Filmmaker


Brian David Hardin is a conscious creator, speaker, writer, filmmaker, editor, DP, music producer, engineer and composer. He has an insatiable appetite for creation and his goal is to “enlighten and educate with entertainment”.

Brian is accustomed to working with popular celebrities and being part of the creative family. He recently mixed and mastered a #1 DVD and CD on Billboard charts for Guns N’ Roses (Universal). Brian’s won several awards for a film named “Road to NowHere” which he shot, edited and created entirely on his own. In 2008, a song that he multi-track recorded and shot the live music video for with India Arie was nominated for a Grammy. He also contributed to the Peabody award winning documentary “For my country?” (Telemundo 2). A film that he edited, “Compassion Rising” with the Dalai Lama, debuted at the Parliament of Worlds Religions in Australia in 2010. In 2000, he moved to Los Angeles to develop his career in film and television production while still producing music.

He’s also contributed to many successful projects including music with Quincy Jones, India Arie, The Sex Pistols, Sublime, Tenacious D, Papa Roach, Usher, and Guns N’ Roses. Additional films he’s worked on include “What About Me” (1Giant Leap)/ specials “We Are The Future” (Quincy Jones), Eckhart Tolle/ Deepak Chopra Interviews/ television shows like “Tom Greene Show”(MTV), “Clone High”(MTV), “Sticky Cook” (Oprah), “Escapes” (NatGeo)… and many many others.