Where Success and Service Converge to Create Lifetime Connections


Welcome to the Inner Circle of Our Lion Heart Pride

Are you looking for a family of fierce change agents with heart? We’re all about balance, so we also have a membership circle for leading luminaries and thought leaders to connect called ENSO INNER CIRCLE. Our members demonstrate a holistic approach to their success goals and forge lasting relationships for life.

ZENPIRE MEDIA is our production partner for all of our programs and events both online and in person. Everything is thoughtfully designed to work synergistically within categories that lead up to our annual summit. It’s like a speakers bureau and promotional engine in one that helps build out your legacy. What we call your ZENPIRE.

~ Do you want a bit of guidance on how to polish up your presentation skills or personal appearance?
~ Do you want to learn how to manage your own marketing better?
~ Do you want to take part in online summits to promote your book, product or services?
~ Is your genius not translating to your brand’s look and feel or reflected in your online presence?

We can help you find your BALANCE – your ZEN ZONE – where peace, calm and purpose converge.

We invite you to apply and join our circle of change. It’s time to shine and succeed on every level.


Arlene Hylton

Spiritual Teacher

Betsy Chasse

Filmmaker, "What the Bleep?" Franchise

Brian David Hardin

Conscious Filmmaker

Del Bigtree

Film Producer, VAXXED



Michel Pascal is a world-renowned singer and meditation teacher. He’s also a best-selling author, photographer, and director of transformational documentaries and live performances. His open heart makes him a true example of collective collaboration, where he attracts some of the best transformational leaders, scientific minds, musicians and artists in the world to create profound transformation on many levels. His spirit is one of unconditional love for all of humanity and the planet, with humanitarian initiatives being at the core of who he is and why he connects to us in a multitude of ways. He’s represented by Zenpire Media Management and you can learn more about him and his work at http://www.michelpascal.tv

Mikki Willis

Elevate Films & Elevate Family

Wendy Silvers

Founder, Million Mamas Movement

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Earth Guardians Youth Director

Zachariah Fisher

Founder, Peace Guardians


Luxury Gatherings with Keynote Speakers

Our Zen Talks speakers are diligently selected because they are multifaceted and highly gifted in their ability to spark change within others and also understand the power of collective intention.

We realize that when we gather in groups, and those groups are empowered to do good things, we begin to make real change we can all notice. We become a living incubator of sovereignty by the works we empower. So, Sovereign Councils were born to be a think tank within our existing membership base between those that are serious about being involved in the content creation and social impact movements we empower.

At these exclusive intimate meetings, current Enso Members connect each other to mastermind, network, share stories, enjoy new artists and musicians, and ultimately create a cross-cultural community of powerful geniuses.


Service to Others is Service to Self Always

ENSO inner circle is all about connecting people in order to assist in creating meaningful relationships that can develop into powerful alliances. We assist in bringing together change agents, awakened activists, leading luminaries and noetic scientists who are seeking to expand from the leading edge of reality. We believe we can change reality by changing our minds and tuning more deeply into our hearts. Members are encouraged to submit their own ideas for an ENSO gathering, similar to a “meet-up” and nominate other members to speak as well. It’s all about elevating each other without competition and align hearts for the common good. We hope you can join us in growing our circle worldwide. Contact us to learn more about how to become a member.

Interested in Becoming a Member?

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