ZEN TALKS Panels combined with Powerful Visuals in a Dome

ZEN TALKS is proud to be collaborating with powerful organizations like Vortex Immersion Media to bring our elevated panels and talks into a 360 theater environment for a truly immersive conversation. We call it CONVERSIVE 360, and it combines powerful conversations with audience participation, along with immersive visuals that transport them into the environment being discussed. It creates a visceral response, resulting in greater action and therefore greater impact.

Below is the promotional trailer for MIND DIVE, a live immersive sound healing experience featuring vocalist Michel Pascal, keyboardist Myron McKinley, percussionist Stacey Lamont Sydnor and other amazing artists. It was part of Zenpire’s co-production with Vortex Immersion Media, that was followed by a Zen Talk on the impact of immersive technology on human consciousness. The panel was moderated by our own Stephanie Lodge and featured the following experts: Dr. Gary Schwartz, Ph.D. research psychologist from the University of Arizona, and Vortex Immersion Media’s own founder, Ed Lantz, and CEO, Mark Laisure.



Our Main Venue

Vortex Dome Los Angeles

453 S. Bixel Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017