Our Mission

Turn Challenge into Change for our Children

ZEN TALKS is elevating conversations
through a powerful lens called INTEGRITY.

ZEN TALKS are inspired by people who directly impact¬†the future of humanity and this planet. Our children deserve a clean and healthy planet for centuries to come. At the rate we’re going, we’ll be lucky to last a few generations. The time to create REAL CHANGE is NOW. Not tomorrow. But, it’s going to take ALL OF US in agreement. where everyone can thrive on all levels.

We aim to shift the collective mindset to realize that greed gets us nowhere and that true abundance can be achieved by all, without it costing us our lives, sovereignty or our environment. We know there is enough technology and brain power to create a planet of peace and personal empowerment, without having to feed on each other or this planet. It is a program that is being rewritten daily, and we’re excited to be a part of it. But, it’s more than just sharing an idea or teaching a system. It’s about inspiring masses of people to take action for not only themselves but the entire world.

The next step is a conversation that challenges the status quo. We aim to spark those conversations…are you a MATCH? If so, contact us today.

Our Founder

Stephanie Lodge is known for her innate creative vision empowered by years of study in conscious transformation, fueled by a passion to understand collective consciousness as a whole. As a transformational leader and speaker, she is a highly sought-after intuitive but currently applies her unique skills to advising those in conscious media and beyond. She personally manages her outsourced talent pool to bring out their best work, ensuring that everything ZENPIRE MEDIA delivers as an agency and ZEN TALKS produces as a platform is exactly what our client members envision.

A Different Kind of Empire

You can have all the celebrity and money in the world, but if it isn’t balanced with service to others or this world, it eventually feels unsatisfying. We are here to help bring your authentic genius into form in order to leave a legacy of light that continues long after your work is complete. The balance between doing and being is key. Zenpire is designed to streamline the marketing and production as much as possible, so you can live your life at every level.

Domes are our Differentiator

We believe we can have more impactful conversations when they are combined with powerful imagery. What better way to get people to viscerally respond to an idea than to immerse them in an environment that reflects the conversation through image in real time. This is the power of DOMES, which are becoming more popular in recent years. By combining powerful presentations surrounded by moving images in a “virtual reality” format, we can inspire action like never before!