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We Elevate Ideas into Conversations that Create Conscious Change

We created ZENtalks to fill a void. Yes, there are prestigious and exclusive stages that present 20-minute ideas or success principles for thousands of dollars. But, in order to create real change, we also require real conversations that are accessible to many. Conversations that aren’t afraid to discuss consciousness, spirituality as whole, planetary crisis, humanitarian issues and more to ultimately create what we call “awakened activism.” ZENtalks is designed as a panel conversation with leading experts around a specific subject or issue, integrating the audience in a Q&A format to inspire, educate and impact real social change. We celebrate diversity and unity in the same breath.

We are working on finding the right partners, speakers and sponsors who understand our mission and invite you to get in touch with us if you feel inspired or resonate with us.

Creator of ZENtalks

Zenpire Media was designed to be an engine of empowerment for those in the transformational body-mind-spirit space, as well as other conscious evolutionary segments of personal development. This means we do the work of elevating people and their purpose into the mainstream so they can focus on what they actually do as authors, healers, teachers and visionaries. We also assist brands, products and service-oriented companies to find their audience through complete media platform development and management.

Youth & Family

Through our alliance partners, such as Inspired Parenting and Agape’s Youth Ministry, we’re bringing together the leading-edge of consciousness as it pertains to education, parenting, family dynamics and more. No topic is too big or too intimate to bring to a FAMILY:ZENtalks panel or speaker series. We know the children are our future leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs and agents of change. Their success starts with unconditional love and their ability to thrive is a balance of listening to their needs and responding with honesty and integrity.

Sustainability & Guardianship

EARTH: ZENtalks works to elevate our conversations around sustainability so that we aren’t simply preserving our planet, but repairing it through innovation wherever possible. We inspire and inform conscious consumers how to “vote with their dollar” for greatest impact. We combine education and inspiration from our planet’s best guardians, innovators, inventors and experts with the best-in-class sustainable organizations and sponsors to introduce potential products, services and causes that elevate Earth. As more companies “go green” they realize they earn “green.”

Our Speakers Network

Alexandra Folz

Author, "The Heirloom"

Allison Biggar

Author & Filmmaker

Arlene Hylton

Spiritual Teacher

Betsy Chasse

Filmmaker, "What the Bleep?" Franchise

Brian David Hardin

Conscious Filmmaker

Camille Licate

Advocate for Global Positive Change

Del Bigtree

Film Producer, VAXXED

Dick Russell

Author & Environmental Journalist

Judy Julin

Publisher of Inspired Parenting / CEO of Engage Enterprises

Karen Seva

Founder, Sing the World Awake!

Kathi Donnelly

Visionary for Youth Empowerment

Kristie Reeves

Conscious Media Producer



Michel Pascal is a world-renowned singer and meditation teacher. He’s also a best-selling author, photographer, and director of transformational documentaries and live performances. His open heart makes him a true example of collective collaboration, where he attracts some of the best transformational leaders, scientific minds, musicians and artists in the world to create profound transformation on many levels. His spirit is one of unconditional love for all of humanity and the planet, with humanitarian initiatives being at the core of who he is and why he connects to us in a multitude of ways. He’s represented by Zenpire Media Management and you can learn more about him and his work at http://www.michelpascal.tv

Dr. Leon Campbell, Jr.

Director, Agape Youth and Family Ministry

Mikki Willis

Elevate Films & Elevate Family

Rick Morrison

Author and Conscious Dad Advocate

Suzi Lula

Author, The Motherhood Evolution

Tina Marina Bernard

M.A. World Peace Embassador

Wendy Silvers

Founder, Million Mamas Movement

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Earth Guardians Youth Director

Zachariah Fisher

Founder, Peace Guardians
Standard Schedule

VIP Dinner

ZENtalks is currently seeking sponsors for our exclusive VIP events where our speakers, sponsors, influencers and leading educators will gather to connect and envision a new paradigm for our planet with fantastic entertainment and powerful networking! Our ideal is to have a “dome dining” experience for each of our talks to further promote the power of community.

Day 1



ZENtalks is proud to be collaborating with powerful organizations like Vortex Immersion Media to bring our elevated panels and talks into a 360 theater environment for a truly immersive conversation. Combining interactive discussion with the audience along with powerful visuals to transport them into the visceral environment being discussed is one way to create real action for greater impact.

Day 2


Spotlighted Keynotes

Our keynote speakers are diligently selected because they are multifaceted and highly gifted in their ability to spark change within others and also understand the power of collective intention. When we gather in groups, and those groups are empowered to do good things, we begin to make real change we can all notice. Only 4-6 speakers are chosen, giving each time to fully present from the heart and allowing for time between each speaker for people to connect with each other around their topics. This day also gives VIP sponsors in attendance access to some of their favorite thought leaders in a more personal way.

Post Festival Summit

We gather leading visionaries and thought leaders to provide inspiration and real intelligence to those of influence. But, through all of that, coming together in community and celebration is how we truly anchor in relationships for life.

This one-day, post-conference summit is designed to allow for direct networking with transformational entertainment as its focal point.

Details on our next event coming soon!



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